Cameron Fous trades out of San Diego, California. His rise to recognition was given a boost when he traded at alongside Tim Sykes and other gurus. Fous later separated from the service, revamped Fous Alerts and continues to grow the business. As Fous Alerts evolved, Fous has introduced new services such as trading courses, a hedge fund, and a trading software called Alpha Scans. He is well known for his high-end lifestyle, which is promoted heavily on Instagram.

While Cameron Fous uses a lot of lifestyle marketing to attract new traders, he appears to know what he is doing, and in my opinion doesn’t need to sell the course based on hype. I was surprised when I first watched Fous 4. The course is well organized and actually contains a lot of high-quality trading education. Fous talks about topics such as:

  • Market Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Breakout Structures
  • Candlestick Analysis
  • Technical Indicators
  • Stock Fundamentals
  • Chart Patterns
  • and more

The courses include lessons on the theory behind certain strategies as well as examples of specific trades. Fous puts a strong focus on risk management and explains how to account for risk when trading the setups mentioned in the course.

While I do highly rate his lessons on technical analysis I did feel it lacked information on other important topics such as account funding, trade analysis, the mental element of trading, brokers etc. I feel that is Fous were to add on these other crucial elements it would rate very highly on my list, but without them it feels imcomplete.