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Flexible online education, Inexpensive learning option, generous amount of content & more.

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Learn to Trade the Market was created by Nial Fuller and is one of the cheapest trading education options we found. The “Price Action Forex Trading Strategies Course” includes access to a trading forum, newsletter updates, Nial’s email address along with his video tutorials. While the course information resonates well with us, and the individual videos are highly informative – the course on whole seems unfocussed and unorganised. It appears to us as if the content was all written blog-style, then selling the course was an afterthought. Take a look at Nial’s site below, where you’ll find a wealth of quality information available. In my opinion, it simply needs to be organised and presented to optimise the learning curve. Considering the course only cost us $337, we can’t complain too much, and Nial’s content is definitely of higher quality than any free source (eg. baby pips, trading forums etc).


  • Price
  • High quality trading information
  • Nial appears very authentic and definitely knows what he’s talking about


  • Unorganised course material
  • Busy/overwhelming looking website and members area
  • Always felt uncertain about what to do next

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7 Comments/Reviews

  • Ashtan says:

    Nial is full of sh*t! His webpage is horrible and videos led me round and round in circles.

    • Peter Wu says:

      I agree. Knowing nothing about FX I thought I’d start with the cheapest course to gain a basic footing, but after spending my money and studying for months I came out more confused than before. I have started working with another company and am having great results so far..I just wish I would have known not to buy this one first.

  • Nico says:

    There are a lot of fx traders who will disagree with you. Go over the videos. And read the notes. Its taken me a while to understand this way of trading. but if you practice first until you are comfortable with the Idea that Nial is practically giving away, I can promise you that you will make a profit. This is a skill like any other skill that you have to learn.

  • Thomas says:

    I have bought the course and practically read every article and video that he’s posted.
    Firstly. It needs to improve on the organization of the information. There are too many articles written about the same thing and it’s time consuming to try to go through and filter out what’s new.
    Secondly. He does teach very sound concepts and I’ve learnt much from him. Though there’s a lot of good stuff, I agree that sometimes it lacks clarity and a bit more precision would definitely help.
    If he could just reorganize all the materials and eliminate all the repetition, it would definitely help.

  • Mark says:

    That guy is making more money as a marketing guru than a trader. Everything on the course can be found on the internet for free so why pay $300 plus for it? As a matter of fact anyone can start a website, claim to be a successful trader and sell tips! You still have to make the trade decisions. Listening to others trade ideas in a forum will only confuse you and make you indecisive.

  • Mark says:

    This guy is full of S***. He’s only making money off selling the course. Trading off daily charts which could take weeks to generate a signal. Not to mention the size of your stop needs to be larger and hence most of the retail people who would buy his course have tiny accounts and could not hold positions large enough to make it worthwhile. Better of day trading, getting more signals, and learn quicker while losing rather than pay that guy and wait 30 years to have enough experience to make a living at it.

  • charlie says:

    It is a good solid course for the money and he knows what he is talking about and yes i will agree the site is a little cluttered but a determined individual can manage As for the other reviews keep in mind theres always people out there want it all for free with no effort and they will continually give away there money in the market I say thankyou and keep trading your money is well recieved all in all course worth the money

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